Want to lose weight fast and improve your physical and mental health?

And feel great while doing it?

Can you imagine losing weight, whilst loving the food you’re eating and never feeling hungry?
Feel-good favourites like bacon and eggs, steak, cheese and even a glass of red wine?

You can.

With Simple As Fat.
The LCHF (low carb healthy fat)
keto diet made simple.


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How does Simple As Fat Work?

The Simple as Fat system is based on eating real food and doing gentle exercise.

There’s no going hungry, skipping meals, meal replacement shakes or supplements or calorie counting.

And there’s no need for a gym membership or high intensity workouts.

Instead you’ll be eating delicious food like curries, meatballs, roast dinners and more…

And with our Simple As Fat 90 Day Plan it couldn’t be easier, we even write out your shopping lists for you…

Weight loss is not the only benefit!

Our members have reported feeling younger, fitter and happier.

LCHF (Low Carb Healthy Fat) & keto diets have been linked to improving a number of health issues. Before starting any diet, or lifestyle change, you should speak to your doctor. See our terms and conditions for more information.

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Freedom from Type 2 Diabetes

Simple As Fat founder Jon Gaunt spent the best part of the last two decades following the dietary advice of the NHS, putting on more weight and being prescribed more and more medication to manage his Type 2 Diabetes.

He says he was on the road to an early grave. But he realised it doesn’t have to be like that. After changing his diet and taking up exercise for the last two years, he has not only lost a critical amount of weight but he has put his Type 2 Diabetes into remission.

His blood sugars are now in the normal range so he is no longer classified as a Type 2 Diabetic and he has gone from taking 10 tablets a day to none.

You can change your life too

With Simple As Fat

Healthy, happy body, healthy, happy mind

Simple As Fat founder Jon Gaunt says:

“I finally have confidence in my body and myself again. People have been telling me I look twenty years younger. Certainly, I feel physically better than I have in twenty years. And, mentally I do too. Without the peaks and troughs of high and low blood sugar, I feel clear-headed, focussed and full of energy throughout the day. The depression that I had not wanted to admit I’ve been suffering with for the last few years has dropped away with the pounds. For the first time in years I feel in control of my body and my life and I cannot tell you how good it feels.”

Are you ready to take back control?

Look at some of our members’ stories…

What do members get?

Simple As Fat is 100% online. Once you’ve joined Simple As Fat, you’ll get access to our complete online 90 day food and meal plan, daily motivational podcasts, expert videos and exclusive access to our private members group, where you get help and support from people just like you, around the clock.
Try it for yourself for as little as £6.59 a month (that’s just 22p a day!).

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