10 healthy habits to help change your lifestyle

  1. Walk.

Walking in the fresh air will boost your mood, clear your head, benefit your heart and tone your muscles. Why wouldn’t you?

2. Always eat breakfast, eggs and bacon if possible.

Give your brain the fats it needs to fire on all cylinders and protein for muscle development and cell regeneration.

3. Re-think your coffee fix.

If you are still ordering large cappuccino with syrup it’s not caffeine you’re craving but sugar. Double espresso with a spoon of coconut oil or splash of cream has everything you need.

4. Use quality fats as fuel.

Up grade your fats. Buy real butter from grass fed cows, olive oil, coconut oil or ghee for cooking.

5. Drink more water.

A hydrated you is a brighter, happier, healthier you.

6. Eat more above ground plants than below soil roots and steam them.

This gives you more nutrients and less of the starch and sugars.

7. Stand up, sit down, keep moving.

Even if you exercise regularly, if you also spend hours in front of a screen you need to get up every 30 minutes, trot up stairs, do some squats, just get your blood pumping.

8. Don’t milk it.

Semi skimmed milk has more carbs than cream so switch to teas that don’t need milk.

9. Don’t hold lunch.

Its lunchtime, so eat. Delaying or skipping lunch will increase the chances of a carb blowout before dinnertime.

10. Never go hungry.

Fuel your body, don’t starve it. If you need to snack, snack right, on Tuna mayo with gherkins, cheese and olives or salami.

Now Boris Beat Obesity!

Now Boris Beat Obesity!

Have a read of Jon Gaunt’s Sputnik column about Boris Johnson’s drive to cut obesity: Boris has declared the next front in his ‘war’ against Covid-19 is obesity and I’m backing him 100 percent. The Prime Minister’s dice with death and time spent in intensive care has evidently changed his mind-set when it comes to […]

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No Time for Breakfast?

No Time for Breakfast?

I have to say that skipping breakfast could be a major reason for your weight gain. (and mine!)