5 Simple Ways to Lose Weight BEFORE the New Year

The run up to Christmas can be daunting when you are trying to lose weight. In the flurry of festive occasions, gaining weight can seem inevitable and the last thing you want to think about is your diet. But here at Simple As Fat, we know you can indulge before Christmas AND lose weight at the same time. Forget about New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight, you can start your new year lighter and healthier just by taking these simple steps:

Bring your own party nibbles

This time of year there are plenty of parties to attend, but don’t dampen the celebrations by starving yourself. Bring your own low carb, healthy fat options. You could make these Spicy Nuts, bring a selection of cheeses or a cold cuts platter. In comparison to the crisps and soggy sausage rolls, guests will be flocking to share your healthy options! If you haven’t got time to prepare anything, just take a bag of pork scratchings, the best LCHF snack in a pinch!

Quality Street tin calling? Make your own!

It can be hard to resist the tin of chocolates in your living room, especially when everyone else is tucking in. But you don’t need to miss out, you can make your own LCHF chocolate treats. Why not try our Occasional Coconut Bites or Peanut Butter Bar ? These treats are so rich and filling you will only need a couple for your sweet tooth to be sated.

Don’t skip breakfast

The run up to Christmas can be a busy time for us all and as the mornings get darker, waking up early can get harder and harder. But don’t let your good habits slip up, make sure you make time for yourself and enjoy a LCHF breakfast every morning. Even if all you have time for is some bacon, eggs and tomatoes cooked together in the same pan. Those 5 minutes will set you up for the day.

Make your own mulled wine

Nothing helps get you in the festive mood like a glass of warmed mulled wine rich with Christmas spices. But instead of buying a bottle of mulled wine make your own with our recipe. With a few fresh ingredients, you can easily make a fantastic festive tipple for all your friends and family.

Enjoy the winter wonderland

Winter is a beautiful time of year both in the city and countryside. Instead of hibernating in the warmth of your home, get outside and enjoy the festive season. Walk in the morning and revel in the beauty of the frost on the ground and the mist in the fields. Walk in the evening and take in the Christmas lights around town. Really hate the cold? Make yourself an Americano with cream in a reusable cup and take it with you on your walk!

Feeling inspired? Why not commit to your lifestyle change and begin the Simple As Fat lifestyle plan now and start 2020 with a new lease of life! Sign up here and change your life today.