Welcome to your 90 Day Plan

Hello, and welcome to your 90-day food plan.

Like everything on Simple As Fat, we have kept it… simple

Every 2 weeks we will give you access to the following fortnight’s food plan.

 The plan gives you the menu for brekkie, lunch and tea (or dinner if you’re posh!)
There is a recipe sheet so even if you are hard of cooking, you can still learn how to cook the delicious food.

There is also a handy shopping list for each week.

We also recommend that you take a multi-vitamin everyday to bolster your lifestyle change.

You will see the menu is based on good, wholesome, real food that you cook yourself.

There are no ingredients that you cannot pronounce or spell and I would encourage you to shop locally if you can for meat, fish and veg.

As you progress you can, of course, swap around the days and the menus, but we recommend you start this way.

You will note that there is no calorie counting, no portion sizes and definitely no sins.

As the weeks go on your portion sizes will decrease just because by eating this way you will be fuller for longer.

Enjoy your food! If you have any recipe ideas or tweaks to ours, don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know.

Make sure you join the Simple As Fat Members group to get the full support of the team and our members. Our group is a great place to share your progress and ask for advice.




Don’t forget: eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full!