Before You Start

Before you start Simple As Fat please let me tell you this one thing: cchange is possible.

Before I began, I was eight stone over weight. It seemed impossible to change. But I have changed. I have lost five stone – over 70 pounds – and already my life has changed for the better.

My advice before you start is to:

Weigh yourself.

Measure yourself.

Take whole body pictures front, back and profile.

Keep a record of all of this in a notebook.

Talk with your doctor.

If you are Type 2 Diabetic and on medication you should discuss the merits of a Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet with your doctor before you start because you may need some support in how and when to reduce your medication.

What you will be proposing is still flying in the face of the current dietary guidelines, but many doctors are aware of the benefits of reducing carbs and increasing animal fats in the diet, especially for Type 2 Diabetics.

I have also received a lot of great practical advice and support from my local pharmacist.

Get your family on board and tell your colleagues and mates what you are doing so that they can be supportive of you on the journey. They’ll soon be amazed and proud of you when the weight drops off and the inches fall away.

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