Can a Low Carb High Fat diet cut Diabetes related complications and premature deaths?

Could a Low Carb High Fat diet cut Diabetes-related premature deaths and complications like strokes, heart attacks and amputations?

Switching to a Low Carbohydrate High Fat lifestyle like the one I have adopted, could reduce health complications and premature deaths caused by Type 2 Diabetes. The evidence is growing all around the globe but it’s being ignored by those who set the dietary guidelines for Diabetics and the general population.

The reason I bring this subject up is because the headlines in many newspapers today, including the front page of the Daily Express, scream that there are at least 500 premature deaths from Diabetes every week in the UK.

Diabetes UK say that every week in the UK 680 people suffer a stroke as a complication of diabetes, with one in five strokes caused by Diabetes. More than 530 people a week suffer a Diabetes-related heart attack, 160 undergo amputations, and there are 2,000 cases of Diabetes-related heart failure.

These frightening statistics need addressing now.

The articles mention the fact that since 2017, the Diabetes Transformation Fund has invested more than £80million in England to help people manage their condition. However the plain stark facts are that we need a different, more radical intervention than just supplying foot clinics and other services to treat or manage the complications of Diabetes. We need intervention way before the patient needs these services.

We need to stop treating Type 2 Diabetes as a chronic illness that can only get progressively worse. Type 2 Diabetes can be both prevented and reversed if you adopt a Low Carb High Fat diet and cut out sugar, starchy carbs and processed food and just get off your backside and walk a little.

It is interesting that that the newspapers mention Professor Roy Taylor of Newcastle University who they quote as saying that within 12 years, treating Type 2 diabetes could consume NHS England’s entire current £115billion annual budget.

He said: “It’s scary. If the number of people being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes continues as it is, the entire NHS budget will be spent on them by 2030. “Right now, it’s 10 per cent of that budget.”

Instead of just quoting him on the figures and the cost to the NHS as a whole, they should be quoting him about his beliefs that Type 2 Diabetes is not chronic and can be reversed by cutting out carbs and drastic rapid weight loss, just as Simple as Fat recommends.

He is not alone; Doctor Aseem Malhotra has said similar things on TV and radio and in his excellent book, The Pioppi Diet. Doctor Michael Mosely with the Blood Sugar Diet has also been advocating a plan based on LCHF. In South Africa and Australia Professor Tim Noakes and Gary Fettke are of a similar opinion and back here in the UK Doctor David Unwin has had remarkable results with his Type 2 patients by adopting a low carb high fat approach.

The evidence is all around the globe that the present dietary advice is wrong and needs changing.

Type 2 Diabetics and pre-Diabetics need less meds and more early intervention via the correct dietary advice which should be to cut all starchy carbs and sugar from their diets and go Low Carb High Fat (LCHF)

The simple bottom line is that the dietary guidelines are wrong and they need changing now.

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