Can I Drink Champagne on LCHF Diet?

Champagne is often the tipple of choice for a celebration, be it a birthday, wedding or new years. The good news is that champagne can fit into your low carb healthy fat lifestyle. Read our guide to make sure that you don’t knock yourself out of ketosis with the wrong bubbly and get ready to toast to your success!

Why can I drink champagne on LCHF diet?

The typical glass of dry champagne contains only 1-2 g of carbohydrate and less than 1g of sugar. This means that you can take part in the cheers without worrying about overloading on carbs and sugars.

Is champagne good for me?

You may be surprised to find out that champagne is actually proven to be good for you:

Even though champagne does have some health benefits this isn’t a green light to pop a champagne bottle open every night! It is worth remembering that if you’re serious about losing weight, the body processes alcohol before it processes any fat that you were going to lose that day. So having a drink now and then does not ruin your diet at all – but it will slow it down for a few hours, while you process that alcohol through your system.

What should I buy?

Although champagne is naturally the lower carb option, you need to be careful which champagne you buy as some have sugar added. You want to buy champagne that is described as dry rather than sweet. These are your two best options:

Brut Nature Champagne is the lowest in carbs and sugar, less than 1g per glass.

Extra Brut Champagne has a little sweetness added and so contains 1-2g carbs and 1-2g sugar per glass.

How much can I drink?

It is worth bearing in mind that champagne has a slightly lower alcohol content than other wines so you may feel like you need to drink more to feel its effects. Although champagne is the low carb option, a few glasses too many and you could easily consume well over 20g carbs in a day including your other food and drink.

So as always we advise consuming in moderation and only drinking 1 or 2 glasses at a time.

It is also worth noting that as our bodies become fat adapted we react to alcohol a little differently. Especially at the beginning of the lifestyle change to a LCHF diet, alcohol can have a stronger and quicker effect. So 1 glass of champagne may actually feel like 2! So we advise to sip your champagne and intersperse your celebrating with some water.

So now you can join in the celebrations without worrying about stalling your LCHF diet. Just make sure you choose a dry champagne and drink in moderation. Now that’s something to celebrate, cheers!

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