Can I drink red wine on a LCHF diet?

Red wine can be part of a low carb healthy fat lifestyle. Even better, there are studies that prove drinking red wine is beneficial for your health! Before you start pouring a glass it is worth reading our article to make sure you are drinking the right red wine and the right amount.

Why can I drink red wine on a LCHF diet?

A glass of red wine (5 fl oz / 240ml) contains roughly 3g of carbohydrates. Therefore a glass or two of red wine can be part of your LCHF lifestyle.

Is red wine good for me?

There have been studies which have shown that drinking red wine in moderation can have positive effects on your health:

What should I buy?

You do need to take some care when buying your red wine. You want to choose a dry red wine rather than sweet. Dry red wine will have less carbs and therefore less effect upon your metabolism. The best low-carb options are:

  • Pinot Noir – this contains 3.4g of carbs per glass
  • Merlot – this contains 3.7g of carbs per glass
  • Cabernet – this contains 3.8g of carbs per glass

How much can I drink?

First, it is worth bearing in mind that drinking alcohol, even low carb options, will slow your weight loss. This is because your body will process the alcohol first, before burning the fat, thus the process of ketosis is interrupted. By choosing low-carb alcohol, this interruption will be shorter. However, we recommend avoiding any alcohol in the first 4 weeks of our plan so that your body can adjust to running off fat (the state of ketosis). You can find out more about the process of ketosis here.

Also when you do drink alcohol you can be more tempted to snack and these extra snacks could hinder your weight loss journey. So when you do drink, follow the same rule: eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.

Second, when you do drink red wine we recommend drinking in moderation, one or two glasses and not every night.

Here at SAF, we recognise that losing weight and maintaining your weight loss is all about adopting a new lifestyle. A low carb healthy fat lifestyle is sustainable because you can indulge in a glass of red wine or two for a special meal out or celebration without any guilt. Just make sure that you drink in moderation and chose a dry red wine, like a Merlot.

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