Can you Cure Type 2 Diabetes with a Milkshake?

Strictly speaking there is no ‘cure’ for Type 2 Diabetes. But if you ask the more subtle question, can you reverse the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes, or can you put Type 2 Diabetes into remission, then the answer is Yes.

You can reverse Type 2 diabetes in three ways:

  1. By adopting a low Carbohydrate High fat (LCHF) diet.
  2. You can undergo Bariatric surgery
  3. By using an extremely low-calorie diet consisting of milkshakes and soups and less than 800 calories a day.

The NHS have announced that they are going to start prescribing low calorie shakes and soups for up to 5000 diabetic and prediabetics to see if this can put their illness into remission.

The idea is that these people would eat or drink these products for up to eight weeks in a bid to lose over two stone and reverse their illness. I have no doubt that this will work if people stick to the plan.

However, my problem with this method is that it does nothing to reduce or redefine the patient’s relationship with food. Plus of course at the end of the period they have to start eating real food again after consuming these highly processed products.

In the original trial of 300 people it would have been relatively easy to help and encourage people to stick to the plan as they returned to real food but will that be realistic as it is rolled out to five thousand and then the eventual target number of 200 thousand? I doubt it.

That is why I believe in reversing Type 2 diabetes by eating good real home cooked food full of healthy fats and lacking in starchy carbs like potato, rice, pasta and bread. Eating this way combined with gentle walking means we at Simple as Fat are achieving similar weight loss levels and Type 2 diabetes reversal.

The NHS has been relatively keen to embrace bariatric surgery – or “barbaric” surgery as Dr Zoe Harcombe calls it – and now they are carrying out this extensive trial with Low Cal shakes and soups; but why are they so reluctant to investigate and trial Low Carb High Fat eating plans?

Could it possibly be because there is no product to sell with the LCHF plans? These low Cal shakes and soups are highly processed and are going to be made by Big Food companies like Nestle and Unilever. A cynic would say that these Big Food manufacturers helped create the problem and now they want to sell us the cure?

The bottom line is that to reverse Type 2 Diabetes you need education not more medication and that is why I believe that this Low Cal milkshake starvation experiment is doomed to fail. Dietary guidelines and the Eatwell plate need redrawing to reflect what Low Carb High Fat diets can and are actually doing to change people’s lives and dependency on drugs.

Sugar, starchy carbs and highly processed foods are the cause of the Diabesity epidemic and the only way to cure that problem is to cut the amount of these addictive and downright dangerous foods out of all of our diets.

The answer is staring us in the face, the answer and the solution to the Obesity and Type 2 epidemics is Low Carb High Healthy Fat diets.

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