Can you Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

by | Jun 15, 2018

In this video Jon Gaunt talks to Dr David Unwin about how to reverse Type 2 Diabetes, why it’s really possible to do this with real food rather than calorie-restricted shakes…

Dr David Unwin is extremely well known for his work as a UK GP, helping hundreds of his own Type 2 diabetic & pre-diabetic patients to put their condition into remission.

Dr Unwin’s work has centred around Low Carb diet choices and collaborative work with his patients.

Dr David Unwin has been a partner in his General Practice surgery in Southport since 1986.
He has been training other GPs since 1992.
He is a fellow of the Royal College of General Practice (RCGP) and is also RCGP National Champion for Collaborative Care and Support Planning in Obesity and Diabetes & RCGP Clinical Expert in Diabetes.