Dinner with Jon

Have you got out of the habit of cooking meals from scratch?

Have you got out of the habit of cooking meals from scratch?

Like Jon and I did, have you just got a bit lazy?

Am I right?

Have you, like we did, just fallen into preparing a big bowl of pasta, with a homemade sauce but not bothered with the salad or vegetables too many nights a week?

Well don’t worry we are going to change that mindset with our recipes.

It’s true that when you are eating a Low Carb, High Fat diet (LCHF) there is no getting around the fact that you must cook fresh food every night and that means you have to be creative about what you do with your vegetables.

The good news is that being creative often means adding cream and cheese to your baked leeks or oven roasting cauliflower in olive oil, served with another liberal dousing of olive oil and a sprinkle of cumin seeds. Now that sounds better doesn’t it?

You have the ingredients available to you that will make your vegetables so delicious and filling that they become an integral part of your meal.

However much we love our food though, no one wants to stand in the kitchen for longer than necessary, so we have made our meals quick and simple to prepare but still tasty and satisfying.

The emphasis is on fresh proteins, like steak, lamb, chicken, pork and fish, cooked in butter or olive oil and dressed with a fat rich sauce.

If you are not keen on creamy sauces bear in mind that Jon mostly ate a dinner of plain steak and mushrooms during the first two stone (28 pounds) of his weight loss. The steak and mushrooms were cooked in butter and the rest of his fat intake was from cheese and salami at lunchtime, and full fat Greek yogurt some mornings and evenings.

You might feel, as you embark on a LCHF lifestyle that a plate without potatoes, rice or pasta does not a dinner make!

I guess that is a legitimate concern as we have been told, since the 1970’s, to base all our meals around starchy carbohydrates. However, Jon is living proof that you don’t need processed carbs in your life. In fact, Jon and I believe your life and health can be considerably improved by avoiding all obvious starchy carbohydrates and fuelling your body with healthy fats.

In the early days you can make up for the bulk that starchy carbohydrates provide by eating more fresh vegetables. How about roast cauliflower with olive oil and some green beans dressed with a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar and a grating of Parmesan cheese?

Once your body is fat adapted you will find that you will not need so much food to fill you up. Your body will be satisfied with less bulk but more healthy fats.

Consequently, you will be eating less, dare I say it, calories, and as a consequence you will lose body fat. In fact, it is as Simple As Fat.

The Simple As Fat Members group is a great place to share your LCHF dinners.

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