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Down 38lbs following the 90 Day Plan

“I started the plan with nothing to lose, I was out of breath just doing up my shoes, it was a struggle to get into my jeans. But after a few weeks, I was full of beans” – Brett L, UK, Simple As Fat member since February 2019

Brett lost 38lbs in 3 months with Simple As Fat. He loves the plan so much he wrote us a poem:

With Simple as Fat, you will go far
With the aid of that bloke from Leamington Spa
You need to follow it, if you can
But make sure you stick to the 90 day plan

At first I thought the plan was strange
However, I knew I’d have to change.
Taking back control is a worthwhile fight
Looking in the mirror, was a ghastly sight

I started the plan with nothing to lose
I was out of breath just doing up my shoes
It was a struggle to get into my jeans
But after a few weeks, I was full of beans

To get where I want, it would have to be
No sugar or milk in my tea
No potatoes, pasta, bread and sweets
No cereal, rice, beer or cheats

Sugar or carbs aren’t part of the deal
There’s a range of options for a decent meal
Good quality fats are an important part
Avocado and nuts are good for your heart

The plan doesn’t cost an arm and a leg
But make sure you start the day with an egg
The general rules are clear to all
Eat when you’re hungry, not when you’re full

Breakfast is important, the best meal of the day
Well, that’s what Mr Kellogg would say.
All the nonsense that the papers spout
Makes me spit my pork scratching out

Keeping up good habits is the right thing to do
It’ll help you avoid the dreaded type 2
A lot of people think the plan is silly
But in the shower, I can now see my…

Extraordinary weight loss is the foundation of the Simple As Fat system. Simple As Fat founder, Jon Gaunt kick started the whole thing after he used the Low Carb Healthy Fat lifestyle to lose over 60lbs in six months, and reversed his Type 2 Diabetes. Jon is involved with Simple As Fat Members every day, actively joining in with the private Facebook Members group, and broadcasting live on Facebook every week. 

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