Dr. Bob talks about exercise

Exactly how much exercise do you need to do on a LCHF diet? Well, it’s interesting to hear a Doctor like Dr. Bob talking about this. Dr. Bob has saved literally hundreds of thousands of pounds for the NHS in the UK by helping his diabetic and obese patients with diet, instead of drugs.

It might surprise you to know that you don’t need to do that much exercise on Low Carb High Fat diets. What do I mean by that? Well let me explain. When I began the diet I couldn’t even bend down to put y socks on or tie up my shoelaces, I was so fat. So it’s not that likely that I was going to be doing high intensity workouts or a 5 mile run every day!

So what is the best form of exercise on a diet for someone who has become obese or someone who is a Type 2 diabetic?

In this video Doctor Bob says just simple walking is the best exercise for type 2 and obese people as it puts less stress on the body and the heart. So the Doctor (and we at Simple as Fat) say that (trying to go) running would probably do more harm than good.

Dr Bob says Don’t run – just walk… every day. And echoing the advice of Professor Tim Noakes, Doctor Rob says: you cannot outrun a bad diet – remember that most weight loss happens in the kitchen not the gym.

Dr Robert Powell qualified as a Doctor from Imperial College London. He also holds a degree in Economics. He practices Low Carb High Fat lifestyle interventions in his surgery and has had tremendous results at cutting his drug bills by working with patients in this way.

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