DON’T ‘Eat More Carbs’

“Eat More Carbs” reads the newspaper headline in the Sun.

But hold on, don’t we already know that eating more carbs has created the Diabesity epidemic?

The Aussie nutritionist behind this story seems to be much more worried about bad breath, insomnia and constipation than the diseases that are proven to be linked to Obesity.

I love the line suggesting the solution to not losing enough weight is to eat more carbs. So, their solution to sugar cravings then is to eat more carbs!?

What else? Restless nights and insomnia? Simple. The solution is to eat more carbs!  Trouble with constipation? You’ve guessed it, the solution is to eat more carbs – and finally, bad breath… Yes, you’ve guessed it, eat more carbs.

I sometimes wonder who pays them to write this garbage but then I remember the answer to that every time I pick up a tabloid newspaper at the weekend and there is a four-page supermarket wrap around advertising those “essentials” you cannot live without; frozen pizza, white bread, spuds, a microwave curry, jumbo bottles of coke and two for one on branded crisps.

All of the above “health” conditions could, of course, be solved by eating less carbs and more natural animal fats but there isn’t as much profit in food without labels, is there?

Can we imagine a day when instead of “Mum’s  gone to Iceland” it would be “Mum’s gone to the allotment” ?

We can dream.

Read the original article here:

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