Eating out is as simple as fat

The main attraction of a Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet is the simple fact that you never feel as if you are denying yourself or missing out on great food. This applies even when you are eating out. Let me walk you through it.

My top tip for all meals out is this: check the menu online before you leave the house.

We all love a Sunday pub lunch of a roast, don’t we? In this podcast I explain how you can still go out with family and enjoy the traditional roast.

The only thing you really need to avoid is the roast potatoes and the Yorkshire pudding, but just ask the server for extra veggies and fill up on them. Wash it all down with a good glass of red wine. You deserve it – after all it is Sunday! For pudding, dive into the cheese and just lay off the biscuits that accompany them.

Going for that other traditional British meal is easy too. I am, of course, talking about a curry. Remember, ghee is not excluded on Simple As Fat! In fact, it is positively encouraged, so order yourself your favourite curry – even the creamy ones – and tuck in. I would obviously avoid the poppadoms but instead have a mixed tandoori grill starter with the onions and yoghurt. Skip the mango chutney though!

The main course is tricky as you must resist the rice and naan, and you certainly shouldn’t do what I used to do and have both! I now order a veggie side dish instead like a Sag or Bhindi Bhaji. It fills you up and is certainly more flavoursome than a plain white carb! Using this combination, you will be full, and I promise you that you will not have that bloated feeling you normally have after a ruby when you’ve stuffed poppadoms, rice and naan breads down your throat.

‘Okay then Gaunty you smarty pants, what about when all your family or mates are in the chippy? What do you recommend then?’ Well, this will surprise you but I would go for a kebab. And not only that, I would go for a Doner Kebab. I know this sounds counterintuitive but the lamb is always naturally fatty, the meat has been cooked on a rotisserie, in essence, and of course it comes with a large healthy salad. Just skip the pitta and ask them to whack it into a box with extra salad, lemon, salt and of course the essential chilli sauce.

Chinese meals you may ask? Well, this is where I am stuffed to be honest. Best avoided.

When you go to a traditional restaurant, I don’t think there is any other diet which offers you so much menu choice. Clearly all the steaks are great but just ask the server to forget the chips and bring you a large salad instead. Don’t forget to order a nice creamy peppercorn or butter-based sauce to go on top!

I went for an Italian a few weeks ago and my two mates got stuck into the bread rolls with that lovely creamy French butter. I resisted simply by visualising the bread as several teaspoons of sugar or glucose once it hit my belly. You can see here just how much sugar is in bread. I could still order a great meal though. I had antipasti of olives and cold cuts followed by veal with extra greens.

Clearly most of the fish on an upmarket menu is okay especially if they are in a creamy or buttery sauce. Just skip the spuds and ask for a huge side salad or extra veg.

Don’t forget the essential mantra though wherever you’re eating: only eat when you’re hungry and stop when you are full.

Eating out is as Simple As Fat.

If you need more help deciding what to order, you can always ask our members in our Simple As Fat Members group for more advice!

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