Intermittent Fasting with Dr. David Unwin.

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When we talk about intermittent fasting on a Low Carb High Fat diet, or on a Keto diet, there is a very specific set of diet rules that must be obeyed in order for it to work.

Dr David Unwin (along with specialists like Dr. Jason Fung) does believe intermittent fasting works for weight loss.

In this video the Low Carb Doctor, David Unwin, explains how to use intermittent fasting to speed up weight loss and reverse Type 2 Diabetes.

Dr David Unwin is extremely well known for his work as a UK GP, helping hundreds of his own Type 2 diabetic & pre-diabetic patients to put their condition into remission.

Dr Unwin’s work has centred around Low Carb High Fat diet choices and collaborative work with his Type 2 diabetic and obese patients.

Dr David Unwin has been a partner in his General Practice surgery in Southport since 1986.
He has been training other GPs since 1992.
He is a fellow of the Royal College of General Practice (RCGP) and is also
RCGP National Champion for Collaborative Care and Support Planning in Obesity and Diabetes & RCGP Clinical Expert in Diabetes.

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