February’s Seasonal Food

Spring may well be on the horizon but there are still some great seasonal and low carb foods from our winter season to make the most of while they are plentiful, cheap and most flavoursome. Here’s all the recipes we love making this season to stay in ketosis and enjoy beautiful seasonal food:


Low Carb High Fat Meal. Fried Leeks and bacon with a cheese sauce. Covered in Parmesan cheese. On a wooden table with napkin.
Leek Carbonara

Leeks are a really versatile vegetable in our SAF lifestyle. When sliced really thinly leeks are a great substitute for pasta as the delicate slices hold the sauce wonderfully. Try Lisa’s favourite Leek Carbonara here. Leeks also make a tasty side for roast dinners. In this Creamy Leek recipe they are fried in butter and coated in cream which makes them the perfect low carb and healthy fat choice. This versatile vegetable isn’t just for dinner, why not try using leeks in your breakfast like this Smoked Salmon and Leek Frittata?

Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts are not just for Christmas! This is the last month that sprouts are in season so make the most of them while they are. We think there is no better way to eat them than this recipe: Wrapped in pancetta and dipped in cheese! Even serial sprout dodgers will be asking for second helpings.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Frying pan Broccoli Chorizo sausage
Fry it all up in the same pan, for lunch or breakfast.

This super vegetable is just coming into season. We recommend you try it this month, even if you’re not a great fan of regular broccoli. This vegetable has a nuttier and richer taste and might just be your new favourite! This broccoli doesn’t need much to make it toothsome. We like to fry it with garlic and anchovy to create the perfect simple side. Why not try recreate our Broccoli and Stilton soup using Purple Sprouting Broccoli instead? Or use Purple Sprouting broccoli with this great breakfast Chorizo, Cheese and Broccoli fry up? Eating seasonally means you have loads of opportunities to make your favourite dishes new again with slightly different vegetables each month.


Low Carb High Fat Meal. Salmon, Tomato, beans and olives drenched in olive oil. All presented in a steel cooking pan or tray. Vegatbles are wilting with oven heat. Close up view.
Salmon Tray Bake

Salmon is such a wonderful source of protein and healthy fats. We love this Salmon Tray Bake for an easy and delicious dinner. Or if you are missing your Chinese takeout, you should try our Salmon Stir fry


Cauliflower is another LCHF wonder food that can be used in so many ways. You can’t beat a classic Cauliflower Cheese, follow our recipe to avoid any pesky flour fillers. If you fancy something a little different make sure you whip up this Super Savoury Cauliflower. So there are the 5 great seasonal foods that are keto friendly to get stuck into this month.

Make sure you enjoy these fantastic foods while they are in season, tasting their best and cheaper for you to buy. Why not share your seasonal creations on our SAF Members Group ?

We will be back next month with March’s seasonal food!

Berry Crumble

Berry Crumble

The absolute best way to get your British summer fruits at dinner time! Simple, satisfying and delicious with Greek yogurt or whipped cream.

Breakfast Hash

Breakfast Hash

This quick breakfast is a brilliant way to kickstart your day with a plate full of delicious greens. It is really easy to swap out different greens depending on what you have in your fridge or what is in season.