Flab Jabs, Michael Buerk & Vegans

In this funny and thoughtful, Simple as Fat free podcast Jon calls for Low Carb High Fat diets to be accepted as a third way of reversing Type 2 Diabetes and curing the obesity epidemic.

He rages about how much more evidence will be needed before medical authorities and dietary guidelines accept the blindingly obvious evidence in front of their eyes that people all around the globe are curing themselves by eating real food.

Jon says saturated fat is not the problem, it is excess sugar that is at the heart of the problem and major diseases like Type 2 diabetes, strokes, heart disease, obesity and dementia.

But no, the medical authorities are still refusing to alter their dietary advice and still insist that their Eatwell plate is the best way to eat and that the guidelines of a third of your plate being starchy carbs. Jon says this is just plain wrong. Jon calls it the “eat Death plate.”

Meanwhile Big Pharma is now suggesting that they could have a flab injection to cure obesity? More drugs!

Ex-BBC News presenter, Michael Buerk, has entered the fray telling fat people that they are fat because they simply eat too much. His ignorance is stupendous. This from the man who brought the Ethiopian famine to the West could have used his communication skills to help with the obesity problem and its victims rather than stigmatise them.

Jon rages that Buerk by name Burk by nature is ignorant of insulin resistance and should apologise and get himself educated.

Finally, Gaunty has a go at the United Nations who have joined the propaganda machine of the vegans and is recommending a fad and unhealthy vegan diet.

Jon states that the links between Big Food/Big Pharma and Government dietary guidelines must be broken as there is a genocide being committed around the globe.

However, Jon controversially states that telling people that they are fat is not bullying or “fat shaming” but plain common sense medical advice.