The Full Simple As Fat Fry-Up

by | Jun 23, 2018

Jon believes that a traditional English Breakfast is good for you (as long as you tweak the carb-content a little).

Can you believe that this delicious Low Carb High Fat LCHF breakfast will help you lose weight?

Eating healthy satisfying fat will set you up for the day without spiking your blood sugar. Great news if you are Type2 diabetic. If you’ve been trying to lose weight on other diet systems, this might be hard to believe.

But remember in Jon’s first six months on the Simple as Fat plan, he lost 70lbs whilst having a fry-up most mornings.

Serves 1


Tip: Sausages make a great Low Carb High Fat snack (as long as you buy high meat content ones) so I usually cook a whole pack in the oven if I’m going to have one for breakfast and then keep the rest in the fridge to grab when I need it.

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