Government health policy must change.

It would appear to me from the news today, that the UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock has lost 2 stone on a Low Carb High Fat diet but falls short of telling everyone else to go Low Carb High Fat… Why?

UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, lost two stone (28 pounds) by cutting out carbs like bread, potatoes and rice. Today he announced that people must take greater responsibility for their own health to tackle the rising toll of illness from diseases such as cancer and obesity. If you’ve been looking at Simple as Fat recently, you’ll know we generally agree with this.

However, if he really wants to tackle the obesity and diabetes epidemics that are crippling not just the UK but the whole of the world, he should have the courage of his convictions and tell people in need to go Low Carb High (healthy) Fat.

Instead, he waters down his message and says people should make “better choices by limiting alcohol, sugar, salt and fat.”

He seems to have forgotten, or been got at, to mention that he lost his weight by cutting carbs?

We agree that you should cut unhealthy Trans-Fats, but not healthy natural fats like those from nutrient dense foods like Salmon, Lamb or Olive oil.

His initiative is all about people being more informed and about them making better choices. I agree with him but he should therefore stop the demonization of LCHF diets and plans and start positively encouraging them.

If it’s about making informed choices, then let people know that Low-Carb diets are reversing the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes all over the world.

Doctor David Unwin has led the way showing how by using lifestyle interventions and Low Carb High Fat eating methods he can not only put Type 2 Diabetes in to remission but he can also save the NHS tons of money on pills and Meds.

Professor Tim Noakes in South Africa believes that with the adoption of a Low Carb High Fat dietary policy we could literally save the NHS. Yes, that sentence is correct not just save the NHS money but actually save the Institution itself.

It is estimated that the NHS spent £6.1 billion on overweight and obesity-related ill-health in 2014 to 2015.

And did you know that the annual spend on the treatment of obesity and diabetes is greater than the amount spent on the police, the fire service and the judicial system combined?

The obesity and diabetes epidemic are not only a personal tragedy they are a public tragedy that affects all of us.

At least 30,000 people a year die of complications from obesity and Type 2 and Public Health England estimate that in general it deprives an individual of at least 9 extra years of life.

The Public tragedy is that these twin epidemics are going to bankrupt the NHS and perhaps even the Country.

The evidence is mounting all around the Globe that Low Carb High Fat diets can intervene and put Type 2 into remission as well as save billions of pounds – but still those in power and in Governments treat it as a fad diet or as ‘extreme’.

You have got to ask the question, why?

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