Have I Cured the Dreaded Dawn Phenomenon?

by | Aug 9, 2018

The Dawn Phenomenon is the term for when your blood sugar is particularly high in the morning. As a Type 2 diabetic who is testing regularly for blood sugar, this phenomenon plagued and fascinated me. As I began to reverse my Type 2 through diet and exercise, I began to read about the idea that intermittent fasting might be able to cure blood sugar spikes and also the dawn phenomenon.

Every morning Lisa has woken up to me cursing and swearing that my blood sugar has spiked again. You know that feeling, you have perfect sugars all day, stop eating by eight in the evening, go to bed at ten, still stable, but wake in the morning and the sugars have really spiked.

How can the blood sugar have gone up as you have not eaten anything since last night? It’s disappointing, dispiriting and discouraging and sometimes made me think that there is no point in carrying on.

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