Why eating good fats is good for your health…

Now, you may be thinking that this can’t be right. Isn’t fat bad for you? Isn’t it high in cholesterol that is going to block your arteries and lead to heart disease? The short answer is no. It has been proven in numerous medical studies like this one that there is no link between cholesterol and heart disease and that eating foods high in healthy fats does not lead to an increased risk of disease.

So how does eating fat help you lose weight?

The key to losing weight on a Low Carb Healthy Fat diet like Simple As Fat, is filling up on healthy fats instead of starchy carbohydrates (like bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, cereal, grains, lentils, sugary fruit and sugar).

How does it really work?

Well, our bodies can either run on sugar or fat. However they always take energy from the easiest source. For most of us that’s sugar, seeing as US and UK dietary advice recommends we eat a carbohydrate high diet and when you eat carbs your body turns them into sugar. The problem is that our diets today have become SO carb and sugar heavy that most of our bodies are storing far more sugar than we could ever hope to burn through. If we never burn through all the sugar stored in our bodies, there is no hope that we will start burning the fat stored in our bodies.

This is why eating a high carbohydrate diet paired with anything but excessively high levels of exercise leads to weight gain. Professor Tim Noakes says “You cannot outrun a bad diet”.

However, if we don’t eat starchy carbs and sugar, our bodies will change energy source and switch to using fat. First it will burn up the fat we have eaten, and soon after that, our own metabolism will use the body fat we have stored.

This process is called Ketosis (hence the Keto or Ketogenic diet) and it’s completely natural.

Listen to Jon’s amazing free podcast with Dr. Zoe Harcombe, specialist on nutrition & cholesterol.

The dangers of sugar and carb-laden diets…

We’ve talked a lot about healthy fats, but the health benefits linked to this way of eating comes from filling up on good fats and cutting carbs and sugar from your diet.

In essence fat is not your enemy, sugar is.

Scientists have proven that excess and processed sugar is at the root of obesity and chronic diseases like cancer, Type 2 Diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and dementia.

Specialist Oncologist Professor Robert Thomas and Jon Gaunt talk about Sugar, Carbs, Diabetes and Cancer.

What is scary is that in our modern diets sugar is everywhere, in pretty much every processed food you pick up and even in ‘diet’ foods. Next time you’re in the supermarket compare the amount of sugar in a ‘low-fat’ product with its full fat alternative, we can guarantee you there will be more sugar in the ‘low-fat’ over-processed item. That’s why we recommend eating real, fresh and unprocessed food on Simple As Fat.

Sugar is also addictive, some scientists believe it is as addictive as Class A drugs like cocaine, meaning that it is easy to over indulge and put your health at risk of obesity and chronic disease – not to mention the mood swings when you’re waiting for your next hit or chocolate biccie!

This is why more and more people are turning to Low Carb Healthy Fat diets as a lifestyle and why so many of our members decide to continue eating this way for life.

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Dr. Bob talks about exercise

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