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Weight Loss is not the only benefit

I have spent the best part of the last two decades following the dietary advice of the NHS, putting on more weight and being prescribed more and more medication to manage my Type 2 Diabetes. There are no two ways about it: I was on the road to an early grave. Read more…

Have I Cured the Dreaded Dawn Phenomenon?

The Dawn Phenomenon is the term for when your blood sugar is particularly high in the morning. As a Type 2 diabetic who is testing regularly for blood sugar, this phenomenon plagued and fascinated me. As I began to reverse my Type 2 through diet and exercise, I began...

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Obesity and Health with Professor Robert Thomas

    Exercise does matter when you are looking at losing weight. But maybe in a slightly different way than we might usually imagine. Oncologist Professor Robert Thomas says when it comes to exercise, it’s what you do on a daily basis that matters. ...

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Can a Low Carb Diet Extend Your Life?

According to a new study, a Low Carb High Fat Diet could help to extend your life. The Sunday Times of South Africa that reports on A USA lab study that showed that eating a High Fat diet, like ours at Simple as Fat, seems to increase long life and physical strength...

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Can we Trust BMI Measurements?

I have always wondered if we trust BMI as a measure for obesity. While reading a BBC article on the subject, they eventually get to the point right at the bottom of the article, where they talk about whether or not BMI can measure fat. As you know, at Simple as Fat...

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