Is this the breakthrough that Low-Carb needs?

Maybe! On the very day that it was announced that one in ten people in the UK has Type 2 Diabetes, Simple as Fat were delighted to be invited to the House of Commons to discuss how Low Carbohydrate diets can be used to reverse Type 2 diabetes and the rising tide of obesity.

This event was a major step forward for the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) movement because we need policy makers and politicians to understand what we have all discovered already that Type 2 diabetes is not a chronic disease. It can be reversed with lifestyle interventions and changing what we eat.

There are three ways to reverse Type 2 Diabetes that are backed up with solid research:

  1. Bariatric surgery,
  2. Low Calorie Shakes and soup diet (less than 800 calories a day)
  3. and of course – eating real food on Low Carb eating plans.

The first two methods are now largely accepted by the policy makers and the NHS but LCHF is still not and we need to know why, especially as it is by far the most realistic way for people to stay healthy long-term.

So, it was brilliant that the Chair of the All-Party Group on Diabetes, The Right Hon Keith Vaz MP invited some of the “stars” of the LCHF community to address this committee and meeting.

Deputy leader of the Labour Party Tom Watson who has lost seven stone (100 pounds) following a LCHF plan and reversed his Type 2 diabetes kicked off the evening outlining his own personal journey which was both illuminating and inspiring.

Dr Aseem Malhotra the leading Cardiologist and author of The Pioppi Diet then outlined how Low carb plans work and how they can achieve fantastic results citing the work and results of Doctor David Unwin who has been successfully reversing his patients Type 2 diabetes by using Low Carb methods.

Then in an impassioned speech Aseem spoke about the battle to convince medical authorities to scrap the present dietary guidelines and look at the evidence of how starchy carbs, sugar and processed foods are causing the obesity epidemic and the Type 2 explosion. He also talked about how much influence Big Food and Big Pharma have on policy making and said this needed to be broken.

Doctor Zoe Harcombe then took to the floor and outlined the scientific evidence behind her belief that our present dietary advice is wrong and needs to be changed. She pointed out that “there are no essential dietary carbohydrates” This is very relevant to those of us with Type 2 Diabetes as starchy carbs digest down into surprising amounts of glucose as predicted by the glycaemic index and so brilliantly illustrated in this article where we looked at Doctor David Unwin’s sugar graphs.

Keith Vaz concluded the meeting by saying “we must keep this issue on the political agenda”

Make no mistake this is a major breakthrough in getting the message through to the policy makers. We all know LCHF works. We have the evidence in our own photos, our HbA1c results and our massive weight loss but those in power need to get behind us.
Another significant meeting also happened yesterday when the present Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, agreed to meet Aseem, Zoe and David Unwin in a private meeting to discuss their work and the science which lies behind LCHF.

After this meeting Dr Aseem Malhotra tweeted…
“Honoured to be invited to meet the Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock yesterday. I explained we have an imbalance in NHS of too much medicine & not enough lifestyle intervention causing misery to millions. He understands & wants to help fix our broken system.”

Dr. David Unwin summed up the meeting with the Health secretary in a tweet of his own,
“I am so pleased Matt Hancock exceeded all my expectations I was given a warm reception He listened PROPERLY & liked my sugar infographics as you see!! Matt completely understood the importance of the glycaemic index in Type 2 Diabetes Starch is sugar too. Thank you”

So, in conclusion this was a great and significant day for those of us who believe in LCHF and taking back control of our own health through lifestyle intervention and less drugs. Now our job is to keep the pressure on our politicians to change the ridiculous, out dated and misguided dietary guidelines and scrap the so called Eat Well Plate.

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