January’s Seasonal Food

Eating food that is in season is good for you and good for the planet. However when you can buy any ingredient from anywhere in the world all year round it can be easy to be unaware of the cycle of seasonal food. It is worth it to know what is in season as there are many benefits from eating seasonal food:

  1. Seasonal food is often more nutritious and flavoursome
  2. Buying seasonal food is a great way to support local farmers and independent greengrocers
  3. Eating seasonal and therefore local food is great for the environment as less energy is required to grow and transport food
  4. Seasonal food is often cheaper to buy

So if you want to save some money, get healthier and support your local farmers and environment, it is time to get reacquainted with what is in season every month.

In January there are many superfoods in season that are great for the SAF lifestyle:


Cabbage has only 2.3 carbohydrates per 100g serving which makes it a great vegetable for the SAF lifestyle. We have lots of recipes that make the most of cabbage. This month try our Italian Cabbage and Bacon for a hearty lunch. For a simple side for dinner whip up our Creamed Cabbage. If you slice your cabbage thinly it can be an excellent replacement for spaghetti. Get twizzling your cabbage in our Sweetheart Cabbage recipe.


Mussels are a brilliant source of protein and only contain 4g carbohydrate per 100g serving.One of the best ways to eat mussels is lathered in double cream, which makes the perfect low carb healthy fat meal. Try our recipe for Mussels in Cream


Celeriac is a SAF staple with the consistency of potato but with considerably less carbohydrates (only 4g carbs per 100g). We have recipes for every type of celeriac you can imagine: Try our celeriac chips here with lashings of mayo. Enjoy our celeriac roasties with your Sunday lunch. Have a go at our winter warmer stew with creamy celeriac mash. For ultimate indulgence bake this celeriac dauphinois.


Kale is another great vegetable to load up on this season with only 1g carbohydrates per 100g. Try adding kale to our Satay Chicken Stir Fry for extra fibre and vitamins. If you fancy a SAF snack have a go at our Kale Crisps recipe.


Haddock is a perfect source of protein for people on a low carb healthy fat diet. It is delicious poached in milk and served with a creamy sauce. Try our Smoked Haddock recipe and pair with some kale wilted with butter for an amazing SAF seasonal supper.

Make sure you enjoy these fantastic foods while they are in season, tasting their best and cheaper for you to buy. Why not share your seasonal creations on our Private SAF Members’ Group?

We will be back next month with February’s seasonal food!

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Berry Crumble

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