Jon’s Big Breakfast

I can’t tell you how pleased I am that Jon has finally taken control of his health.

I’m obviously even more pleased that only he knows how he likes his steak cooked, which means he now cooks more often than I do!

However, man and woman cannot live by steak alone so we started to find ways of replacing the previously high carb content of our favourite meals with fresh ingredients and healthy fats.

When we were putting our new set of meals together we had a few guiding principles; they had to be quick and easy to make, use fresh ingredients as much as possible and, of course, they had to be tasty and satisfying.


It is important to note that I am not a nutritionist or dietician. But I am a mum and a wife, so like the vast majority of mums and wives in this country I have to make decisions about the food I am preparing every day for my family.

Of course, one look at Jon and I had the evidence in front of me that the meals I was making previously were part of the problem, so I knew that I had to make some fundamental changes to the way we were eating.

The great news for us was that just by welcoming healthy fats back into our diets we could make every meal taste delicious and leave us feeling fuller for longer. It really was that simple once we understood the science behind LCHF, Keto and Simple As Fat.

So, for example, in the early stages of his weight loss journey, Jon would get up and go walking before breakfast.

It was seven miles into town and when he got there he would go to a café and order a fried breakfast.

At first, I thought this was crazy and would undo all the hard work of the walk. However, once I read up on the science and started to see the results in front of me, i.e. Jon’s enormous stomach reducing, I was convinced that Low Carb High Fat was the way to go.

This café was owned by the best butchers in town and therefore served superb quality bacon, sausage and black pudding. Jon would ask for two fried eggs on top of the meat, but to hold the beans, hash-browns and toast.

This breakfast gave him exactly what he needed to kick-start the day: plenty of healthy fats and protein and little or no sugar or carbs. This gave him a lasting feeling of being full and satisfied. The refusal to eat the toast, potatoes and beans, (the “GPS” that Sarah Hallberg says we must avoid) meant his blood sugar didn’t receive an enormous spike, but remained level, and 40 minutes to an hour after he finished his walk it began to reduce back to normal range.

Consequently, as a result of rejecting the carbs and fuelling his body with healthy fats Jon felt better, gone was the sluggish, bloated-belly feeling of the big breakfast blow out. He felt full and satisfied, but also bright, alert, energised and ready for the day.

I truly believe it was this discovery of healthy fats that did as much to change his attitude to life as the walking. I have to be honest here and say if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would never have believed it. I thought it was almost a miracle, the more good fat he ate the thinner he became!

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