Jon’s Lunches

by | Jun 11, 2018

When the penny dropped and Jon suddenly started to take weight loss seriously a few key things changed.

At lunchtime Jon began to realise that he wasn’t desperate to eat the way he always used to after his old style breakfast of cereals and bananas.

Now because he hadn’t started the day with carbs, he wasn’t having the big carb crash at 11:30 that made him crave more bread, so he started making himself a salad.

I know! These were crazy, topsy-turvy times!

But that’s what he fancied, if he wanted to eat at all.

Sometimes he would last through to tea without lunch, other times out came another bag of pork scratchings, what he calls his survival rations! He’s always been a drama queen…

If he was having a salad he would always start the same way with his favourite cheese, Stilton or Shropshire Blue and build a salad around a good chunk of that, with all the usual fresh ingredients, plenty of olives and some raw cauliflower or broccoli for crunch!

Jon has never been one for creamy salad dressings, although I am and I have some great homemade recipes here, so he always dresses his salads with a good quality extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Oh, and don’t forget the salt and pepper. Jon loves to season his salads from a great height.  Yes, I have my very own ‘Salt Bae’, whom I get to clean up after!

But it is important to add salt to your food.

Carbohydrates make your body hold on to salt, so if you are reducing the amount of carbs you eat you need to replenish the salt with every meal.

There are also some hot lunch ideas in the site, like the leeks and bacon ‘carbonara’, but we have tried to provide a wide variety of tasty salads that are quick to put together, easy to take to work with you and that you can make as large or small as you feel you need.

Remember, the fat content of the dressings are an important part of the meal so find a dressing recipe that you like or just use full fat mayonnaise or oil and vinegar. Salad is no longer a ‘punishment’ meal. It’s full of the stuff you can really enjoy like meat and cheeses.

Follow one of the many recipes in the plan or adapt them by adding your own favourite cheese, meats, fish or shellfish and indulge in your favourite fresh ingredients with healthy fat-laden dressings!