The Science of Low-Carb Healthy-Fat

The Good news is this:

The body absolutely must have fats. Always.

So the fats that we should be eating need to be from Good Foods like:
1. Avocados
2. Butter & Ghee
3. Coconut Oil
4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
5. Omega-3s from Fish
6. Nuts and Seeds
7. Eggs
8. Grass Fed Organic Beef
9. Full Fat Dairy Produce
10. MCT Oil (more on this later)

This simple list is going to make up the building blocks of a diverse diet plan, that will stimulate weight loss, with many additional side effects.

The Big Fat Secret.

The really important bit, that’s hard to believe at the beginning, is that you can stimulate your body to lose weight by increasing the amount of Fat (Healthy Fat, that is) in your diet.

But – and this is the most Crucial bit of the whole diet, tattoo it on your brain-

High-Healthy Fat Dieting only works if you cut out Carbs.

How does this work?

Your body takes it’s energy from the easiest source.

If you eat Sugar, it’ll get the energy from sugar.

If you have plenty of Carbs in the diet, the body will take it from there 
(Sugars are Carbs, BTW)

If you don’t eat Carbs, the body will change it’s energy source and switch to Fat.

This process is called Ketosis and it’s completely natural.

The switchover from Carb-energy to Fat-energy takes a week or two and during that fortnight it can feel a bit rough.

But when the metabolism has adjusted, you will feel much better, PLUS your body will be at the ready to Burn Fat.

The beneficial effects of Ketosis are known to include:

Better Sleep
Better relationship with food because you feel full quicker
Better Mental State
Extremely high likelihood of losing body Fat
Better Skin condition.

That means you Must Not eat the following:

Grains. No exception (wheat, oats, corn, barley, rice, buckwheat, etc etc)

Quinoa (Jon doesn’t eat this anyway, as he doesn’t know how to say it or what it looks like, and it’s too fashionable…)

White potatoes.

And Of course this also means all the things that are cooked or made from all these things above – pasta, bread, pizza, biscuits etc.

And Gluten that might be a hidden ingredient in ready meals.

In fact stop eating ready meals.

If the food needs to be labelled to list the ingredients, don’t eat it.

Sugar and Sweets

That also includes all the fake-label sugars like:

Agave Syrup
Maple Syrup
Inverted Corn Syrup
Corn Fructose

etc. etc. etc.

They are all still sugar.

So, after all that, it’s actually quite simple. Don’t eat sugar or carbs. Learn to spot hidden Carbs and Sugar in Processed foods.

Eat more and more real foods. Real meat. Real Green Vegetables. Drink Water. Top off your treats with high-fat goodies that are from real animal fats – Cream, Clotted Cream, Pork Scratchings, Full-fat cheeses.

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