Leek Carbonara v2.0

by | Sep 22, 2018

Just when you thought LCHF veggies couldn’t get any better we’ve improved our Leek Carbonara recipe.
It’s simpler and tastier!


  • 2 large leeks, sliced into pound-coin sized rings
  • 10 g butter
  • black pepper
  • 2 rashers thick back bacon, cubed
  • 50g mascarpone cheese
  • handful of grated cheddar or Parmesan


  1. Melt butter in a large frying pan.
  2. Add bacon, with a generous grinding of black pepper and fry until starting to brown at the edges.
  3. Add sliced leeks and fry until softened.
  4. Gently stir in mascarpone until melted.
  5. Turn off the heat and fold in grated cheese and serve.
  6. Taste before adding salt incase the bacon is salty.

Tip: Great as a quick delicious lunch or a side to pork chops and greens.