Lisa’s Blog. Thick and Thin.

Hello. I’m Lisa, Jon’s wife.

Jon and I have been together for 34 years and have seen each other through thick and thin, in every sense!

I can’t tell you how relieved I am that Jon has finally started looking after himself with a LCHF diet and how proud I am of his weight loss. So far, four and a half stone at the time of writing.

I am surprised and delighted that he has stuck to his walking regime and lifestyle change.

I have been even more pleased with how Jon has taken charge of his whole diet.

In the past he might have brought up the idea of trying the F Plan diet, the Atkins diet, the 5:2 Fasting diet, even recently the Blood Sugar diet. We’d both read about it and then Jon would say, “OK, let’s try it. You get the right stuff in and we’ll have a go.”

However, that would be the sum total of his investment in time and thought dedicated to making this momentous change in his life!

So then, because I was so desperate for him to lose weight, I would be the one spending hours planning shopping lists and buying unfamiliar foods that were recommended by the latest fad diet.

I even prepared salads the night before for him to take to work, only to see them come home unopened a few days later, when we had run out of Tupperware boxes. “Oh yeah, sorry, Lisa, we went to the café for lunch instead.”

It would be me who was in the kitchen, cooking new recipes of slightly worse versions of the meals we usually eat, hoping that effort and good intentions would compensate for lack of taste and satisfaction.
Jon’s reaction? “It’s not very nice without the oil, sugar, butter,” or whatever has been taken out this time.

Does that sound familiar?

But what about me?

While Jon has been researching the Low Carb High Fat style of losing weight and improving his health I have looked at the websites he has been signed up to.
I saw a lot of information for the Type 2 diabetics themselves but I didn’t find anything that addressed my needs, the needs of a quietly despairing wife who wants to help.

So, I thought I would share some thoughts and experiences in the hope that if you are the person supporting someone like Jon, who is overweight, maybe Type 2 diabetic, depressed or in denial, whether you are a wife, husband, loving partner of someone who has lost their mojo, you will know that you are not alone.

I hope to share some of my experiences and some of the basic information that you will need to help your partner succeed.

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