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Losing weight, and keeping it off

“I dropped more than 2.5 stones in 3 months and kept it off for the last 6 months and counting. I didn’t eat much but could never seem to shift the pounds. I was having beer, pasta, rice & bread. Now I live the SAF way and have gone from XL to M in all my clothes. Thanks Jon and all the SAF team for your advice and encouragement. This is a way of life now.” – Bert R, UK, Simple As Fat member since August 2018

We all know that keeping the weight off can be as hard as losing it in the first place when following traditional diets, not with Simple As Fat though!

Extraordinary weight loss is the foundation of the Simple As Fat system. Simple As Fat founder, Jon Gaunt kick started the whole thing after he used the Low Carb Healthy Fat lifestyle to lose over 60lbs in six months, and reversed his Type 2 Diabetes. Jon is involved with Simple As Fat Members every day, actively joining in with the private Facebook Members group, and broadcasting live on Facebook every week. 

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