Low Carb Christmas Wish List.

Looking for some last minute stocking fillers for the low carber in your life? Look no further than the Simple As Fat Christmas list:

The Case Against Sugar – Gary Taubes

This is the first book Jon read when he started learning about low carb high fat living and it would make a great gift for anyone on their low carb weight loss journey.

The Obesity Code– Jason Fung
Once you’ve completed the Simple As Fat 90 day plan, you may want to start experimenting with intermittent fasting. There’s plenty of advice on the site from Jon, but if you’re looking to find out more Jason Fung’s book is the place to start.

The Pioppi Diet – Aseem Malhotra
Members of Simple As Fat will be no strangers to Aseem Malhotra, who is one of the many experts Jon has interviewed for the site. The Pioppi Diet is a little different from our low carb plan, but the science in the book is fascinating.

The Real Meal Revolution – Tim Noakes
A few of our members have already bought this great recipe book on Jon’s recommendation. There are some cracking low carb meal ideas in here from the undisputed king of low carb living, Tim Noakes.

Remember when the thought of the scales being wrong was a relief? As soon as you start losing weight with Simple As Fat you’re going to want to make sure your scales are right, and there is nothing more frustrating than realizing your old scales are off.

Tape measure
The scales are an essential, but as Jon says, you can’t depend on them alone. A tape measure is an absolute essential, because we can guarantee even on the weeks you don’t seem to lose pounds, you’ll be losing inches!

Keto test strips
Keto test strips aren’t something we use every day, but they’re useful to see from time to time where you are in ketosis.

Belt holer
This funny looking piece of kit is essential if you want to keep your trousers up while you’re losing weight rapidly on Simple As Fat. It’s worth the investment in saving you from buying new belts!

Resistance training is a great thing to add into the mix as you start losing weight. A couple of free weights to use at home would help start the New Year well. And keep your eyes peeled for Jon’s exercise videos coming soon…

Walking boots
The only exercise equipment you really need though on Simple As Fat is a good pair of trainers, or even better walking boots. We recommend getting these fitted in a good old fashion shop to make sure they’re giving you all the support you need as you clock up those miles.
Although we recommend filling your fridge with fresh produce on Simple As Fat, there are plenty of foodstuffs that you can gift the low-carber in your life with too, from a good bottle of red wine, to olive oil, cheeses and of course… pork scratchings!

And obviously we couldn’t put together this list without recommending a Simple As Fat membership to start the New Year right!

Now Boris Beat Obesity!

Now Boris Beat Obesity!

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No Time for Breakfast?

No Time for Breakfast?

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