No Time for Breakfast?

If you are telling me that you have no time for breakfast I would have to tell you that skipping breakfast will have been a major reason for your weight gain in the first place.

Not making time for breakfast equals not making time to take care of yourself and looking after yourself is at the centre of the journey you have already committed to with Simple as Fat. The 90 Day Plan that we are going to guide you through is not about getting ‘beach body ready’, it is about feeding your body the right foods and easing your body into more activity to lose weight and improve your overall health. You are taking back control of the most important aspects of how you live and look after yourself. So whatever it takes, forward planning, getting up a little earlier, going to bed a little earlier, taking a little more time to attend to your own needs, commit now to making those changes.

Eating a good Low Carb High Fat breakfast is the single most important change you can make to improve your health and lose weight fast.

Without a good breakfast of healthy fats and protein in the morning you will fail to adapt your body to run on fat and by mid morning your body will be calling for sugar, you will have hit the carbs before lunchtime and be back on the blood sugar rollercoaster.

So get off the rollercoaster and take back control!

But you are busy, crazy busy, and many off us have to get up really early to get to work on time and feel we haven’t got time to eat before we go, let alone cook a breakfast first!

If this is you, do one thing. Make yourself a coffee with double cream and take it with you.

But think about it. While you are making coffee you could be frying a couple of eggs!

No time to stand over a pan? Put a couple of eggs on to boil while you are having a shower. Either take the eggs to work with you or break them in to a cup, chop them up, dollop in a couple of spoons of mayo, salt and pepper and eat while you are getting yourself ready to leave the house. It takes minutes.

That’s ok to do every now and then but to really set you up for the day, to give yourself the best chance of success, put in a bit of forward planning.

Here’s five ideas to have ready in the fridge to just grab and go in the morning.

Boiled eggs, Parma Ham, Tomatoes and half an Avocado.
If you’ve boiled and peeled your eggs the night before you could literally stand in front of the fridge and eat this breakfast while you are making your coffee. Roll a couple of slices of ham from the packet and pop into your mouth! Cut the avocado around the longest circumference, separate and eat the half without the stone, scooping it straight out of the skin with a teaspoon. Wrap the half with the stone and take it with you to boost up your lunch.

Egg Mayonnaise, Crispy Bacon and Vine tomatoes.
Make two breakfasts worth of egg mayonnaise the night before.
Boil, peel and chop the eggs and add mayonnaise, salt and pepper and a pinch of garlic granules
(optional but delicious) and store in two containers.
Fry 6 -8 rashers of streaky bacon, allow to cool, crumble them up and store separately.
In the morning top the eggs with the bacon and a handful of vine tomatoes and you are ready to go.

Breakfast Muffins
These are really quick and easy to put together, so make yourself a batch and freeze them. Take them out of the freezer the night before and let them defrost in the fridge. Take three with you but be warned, they are more filling than they look, you might be full after two! Get the recipe here.

Yogurt, Raspberries and Homemade Granola. Get the granola recipe here. While this breakfast contains plenty of healthy fats it also contains the most carbohydrates overall so have it occasionally, but not everyday.

Super Simple Sunday Bulk Prep Breakfast
Hard boil 10 eggs and leave them in the shell. Cook 3 sausages and buy 5 big tomatoes, cut up 5 chunks of cheese. Put 2 eggs, 1 sausage, 1 tomato and a few squares of cheese in 3 boxes and store in the fridge. Boiled eggs in their shells will keep for up to a week in the fridge but your sausages only 3 days, so cook 2 more sausages on Wednesday night and you are sorted for the week. Use this option as a strategy to get you through a super busy week but return to the variety of the 90 day plan as soon as you can.

However, if you can get up 15 minutes earlier in the morning, a quarter of an hour is all you need to cook and eat a satisfying breakfast.

Ham, fried eggs and avocado
Melt a good knob of butter in a small frying pan, break in two eggs and cover with a lid. Take out a slice or two of thick cut ham, slice open the avocado and spoon the flesh onto the plate. Lift the lid on the eggs and spoon over the melted butter and you are ready to eat. It takes minutes to cook and minutes to eat. Don’t forget salt and pepper.

Re-fried sausages, fried eggs and tomatoes
It is always a good idea to have a couple of cold sausages in the fridge to re-fry for a super quick breakfast. Melt a good knob of butter in a small sauce pan, cut a few tomatoes in half and place them cut side down in the pan. Slice the sausages longways, place them in the pan, forming a ring and break two eggs into the middle. Cover and cook until your eggs are done to your liking. A super fast and filling breakfast.

Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and avocado.
The most time consuming part of this breakfast for me is usually opening the packet of salmon!
You could plate and cover your salmon the night before, then cutting your avocado and scrambling eggs won’t take any longer than 3 minutes. Remember to have your full fat creme frais to hand to stir into your nearly cooked eggs at the end.

So you get the picture, eggs, protein and healthy fats are what you need to set you up for a successful day and it doesn’t have to take more than 5 minutes to prepare. But we all have those mornings when we really have to run and have no time to even think about eating before we leave the house, so here’s what to do:

Go to a high street coffee shop and buy an Americano with pouring cream and boiled eggs and spinach.
Go to any local supermarket or service station and buy any combination of cheese, cooked meats, salami, tomatoes and avocados. Be careful of barbecued chicken and marinades with added sugar. Perhaps a ball of mozzarella and parma ham, or egg mayo and crispy bacon, or full fat greek yogurt and raspberries. Stick to full fat dairy, cheese and meat and you won’t go far wrong.

Under no circumstances resort to the following;
Cereal bars, breakfast biscuits, sausage rolls, a bacon butty, low fat fruit yogurt, or yogurt with a fruit compote, fruit juice or smoothies, porridge or the beans, hash browns or fries on a breakfast buffet. A can of energy drink? Don’t even think about it!

Tips for breakfast success.

Just don’t feel like eating early in the morning? Just do it!

You will get into the habit. Eat earlier the night before if that helps. As you become fat adapted your appetite will decrease and you will rarely feel really hungry morning, noon or night. So get your metabolism into good habits now. Not eating in the morning will trigger the production of stress hormones in your body and suppress weight loss not encourage it.

Always have a knife, fork and spoon in your bag, draw at work, cab or glovebox.

Invest in decent re-useable food boxes and perhaps a small thermal lunch bag to keep everything fresh.

Keep a jar of mayo, olives, sun-dried tomatoes and gherkins in your fridge at work if you have one. They will pep up any cheese and meat you pick up on the way. Also a can of tuna steak to mix in with your mayo will get you through a working breakfast if all else fails.

Keep a bag of pork scratchings handy.

Finally, think Cool Runnings: a boiled egg, secreted about your person, will take you a long way!

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