Our 10 Top Tips for a Cracking Keto Christmas!

Worried that Christmas is going to undo all your keto progress?

Catch our top 10 tips for a cracking keto Christmas to keep you right on track!

With a little forward planning you can still enjoy Christmas, indulge yourself and not miss out on any of the fun!

  1. Champagne? Yes, have one! Have a couple! As a relatively low carb alcohol a glass of Champagne is fun while you are stuffing the turkey or any time of day, and if a chilled glass of bubbly isn’t the way you usually start Christmas day, why not? It won’t hurt your keto lifestyle to start a new tradition!
  2. Everyone else tucking into the plastic box full of brightly wrapped sugar? No need for you to miss out! Be prepared with a good few squares of chilled and shattered high cocoa plain chocolate and a mix of roasted but unsalted nuts (avoiding peanuts and cashews) and tuck in!
  3. Pre-dinner cocktails? Chill your glass, smear the rim of your glass with half a fresh lime, drop the fruit in the glass and fill with ice. Measure in your gin or vodka and top with cold soda. A perfect keto livener!
  4. H’orderves madam? Yes please! Make our keto, smoked salmon Blini’s and tuck in!
  5. Don’t want to starch out on roast potatoes? Make our Celeriac Roasties! Delicious!
  6. After dinner, everyone’s snacking! I don’t know how we do it. We have just eaten more than we usually do in a week but we sit down after the washing up and the snacking begins! There is only one answer; Spice up your nuts!
  7. Think you can squeeze in any more? If everyone else is tucking into Christmas pudding or cake you can head for the fridge and retrieve our Yule Log you prepared on Christmas Eve!
  8. Late guests arrive and the turkey sandwiches break out. No problem. Get out the beautifully aged Camembert you laid in for just such and occasion, cut a cross in its top and slip in some garlic slithers, some sprigs of Rosemary and a little drizzle of olive oil and bake for 20 minutes. A sublime end to a fabulous keto day!
  9. But wait…want something REALLY savoury to go with that last drink?  Toss a handful of sunflower seeds in a hot, dry frying pan and keep them moving. When they are toasted, splash in some quality soy sauce and toss again. The soy sauce will evaporate quickly leaving the seeds kissed in a salty, slightly sticky coat!
  10. Go to bed knowing that you have enjoyed the day while being true to your new keto lifestyle, your blood sugar has not taken a hammering and you will not suffer a carb hang over in the morning! You’ve had fun with your loved ones and taken care of yourself. Happy Christmas!
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