Pork Scratchings are the Wonder Snack

Pork scratchings are the perfect snack if you are on the Simple As Fat plan.

They contain zero carbs and have a great balance between fat and protein. They also contain plenty of salt which is essential if you’re eating Low Carb, since as your insulin levels reduce, so will the sodium you retain.

Just a quick word of warning though: always check the ingredients on the back of the packet as some manufacturers add sugar, often disguised as dextrose, and you want to avoid that. Try and buy scratchings that have no additives if you can.

The best ones are obviously from the home of pork scratchings, which is the Black Country in the West Midlands.


Believe it or not this is a snack that will actually help you lose weight. I have at least a bag a day and our GP, Dr Bob as we call him (Dr Robert Powell), often has a packet for his lunch and nothing else.

Pork scratchings should also be one of your emergency rations. Always carry a packet with you. Then, if you are out and about and get hungry, you don’t get tempted to buy a sandwich or an unhealthy snack.

Even better, why not make your own pork scratchings?

They are so easy to make and dead cheap. Often your local butcher will actually give you pork rind for free.

Here is a quick recipe. Just remember to keep an eye on them in the oven as they can easily burn and you do not want that.

Happy crunching!

1. First use some kitchen paper to dry the pork rind. Then score it with a sharp knife.

2. Rub good quality sea salt into it on both sides.

3. Brush both sides with olive oil. Some people add a little white wine vinegar to the olive oil before they brush it on to the pork rind for extra flavour, but not me. I’m a traditionalist!

4. Place a roasting rack inside your roasting tin and place the pork rind on top of the rack.

5. To keep down the smoke you can put a little water under the rack.

6. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes and then carefully turn the pork rind over and cook for a further 10 to 15 minutes but keep an eye on it!

7. Once it is crisp, remove from the oven and allow to cool.

8. Cut or smash it up.

9. Eat, enjoy and lose weight!

They should last at least three days in an airtight container – if you can resist them for that long!

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