What’s for Pudding?

by | Jun 09, 2018

Once I decided to change my life I realised that so much of my eating previously was out of habit.

I wouldn’t have even finished my dinner before I was already wondering if Lisa had anything for pudding, without stopping to think whether I was hungry or not. Does that sound familiar?

However, now I wait for an hour or even longer after dinner and then only if I am hungry will I have some pud. I recommend you do the same as it will really help weight loss.

If you’re eating enough fat then you should be full after dinner, but sometimes, especially at the beginning of the diet when you’re getting used to not eating any sugar, you’ll probably be craving something sweet.

If you follow my Ten Commandments properly, don’t cheat, and don’t eat sugar, you’ll soon find that the sweet tooth you thought you were born with was all nurture, not nature.  

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