A Quick Guide to Simple As Fat

In order to start on a Low Carb High Fat diet, there are a few basic things everyone needs to know. I’ll try to outline everything in this article.

I lost 63 pounds in six months on LCHF by avoiding processed food, eating real protein, fresh meat, fish, eggs, cheese and butter and eating veg that grows above the ground.

The Simple As Fat diet is… simple.

1. Avoid all processed food.

2. Eat fresh meat, fish, eggs, cheese and butter.

3. Eat plenty of greens and avoid any vegetables that grow underground. Do not eat any form of potato, even sweet potato.

4. Avoid fruit apart from berries and nuts.

5. If you are going to drink alcohol choose vodka, gin or red wine, dry white wine or champagne. Never drink beer. It is basically liquid bread! Avoid all alcohol for the first four weeks of the 90-Day Plan.

6. Do not eat sugar, wheat, bread, pasta, rice, corn oil, trans fats or margarine.

7. Never be conned into buying ‘low fat’ or ‘diet’ products of any description, as they are full of sugar.

8. Avoid carbonated drinks, including sugar free ones.

9. Always cook with olive oil, butter or coconut oil.

10. Never snack on crisps but instead eat olives, pickles, nuts, pork scratchings, seeds, salami, cold cuts or real cheese.

11. Drink your coffee black or with a dash of double cream. Avoid too much milk but when you do drink it make sure it is full fat, not semi-skimmed or even worse the liquid cardboard that they call skimmed milk!

It really is as Simple As Fat!

Of course, now you have subscribed we are going to supply you with a 90-Day Plan and shopping lists. I promise you that you will not be searching high and low for ingredients you have never heard of and can’t even pronounce like quinoa. This is the Simple As Fat diet, and it is simple.

I lost four and a half stone in six months just by avoiding processed food, eating real protein, fresh meat, fish, eggs, cheese and butter and eating veg that grows above the ground.

Once adapted to fuelling your body and brain on healthy fats rather than carbs, you will never be hungry and you will not need to snack. The days of sugar peaks and the inevitable sugar collapses and binges will be over.

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