Real Food Rocks with Sam Feltham.

There are 3 ways to reverse type 2 diabetes: Bariatric surgery, Very low-calorie milkshakes and a Low Carb High Fat diet.

That’s according to Sam Feltham, the Director of the Public Health Collaboration who is Jon Gaunt’s guest in this free Simple as Fat podcast.

Sam is a Master Personal Trainer who wanted to make even more impact on his client’s health and fitness so he formed the PHC

Their aim is to push Public Health England to change their dietary guidelines that are still based on having a third of your plate as starchy carbohydrates. 

Sam and PHC believe this advice is wrong as many people have insulin resistance and he thinks that is a major cause of Type 2 Diabetes.

He passionately believes diet has a major effect on Type 2 and he “absolutely believes this so-called chronic disease can be put it in to remission and that the most sure-fire way to do this is a low carbohydrate real food diet.”

In this fascinating podcast Jon and Sam talk about the pioneering work of the Atkins diet, Professor Roy Taylor’s work with his Low Cal milk shakes at the University of Newcastle and the brilliant results that Dr David Unwin is achieving with reversing Type 2 in his patients in Stockport.

Along the way Sam busts the cholesterol myth and describes the brilliant work of Zoe Harcombe and Malcolm Kendrick in trying to explain why eating saturated fat and food high in cholesterol is not connected with heart attacks and strokes.

Sam details what real food is and he is pushing for all of us to return to this way of eating. He suggests that the demonization of saturated fats and real food has happened because of “Vested Corporate interest who want to shove us on to sugary refined carbs. This is really good for corporations, it has a long shelf life and a bigger profit margin and nothing is better than selling cardboard in cardboard i.e. cereals.”

Jon asks him, “what do you say to people who say low carb diets are bad they are a fad and they’re downright dangerous?”

Sam replies, “all those statements are false and it is certainly not dangerous as low carb diets have been around for over 200 years.”

Sam believes that Corporate interests are stopping Low Carb being adopted but there is also ego stopping it too. Researchers and academics, even Governments do not want to admit they got it so wrong for so long when they demonized animal fats and ignored the dangers of sugar.

However, he is optimistic that with pressure from PHC and others that the situation will eventually change as there is so much evidence now of how Low Carb, real food diets can cure a myriad of health problems

Finally, he ends with a plug for “Real Food Rocks” which is a festival of food and real music on Saturday July 20 in Ambleside that the PHC are organising.

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