My Story

My name is Jon Gaunt.

In July 2017, a couple of months after the above photo was taken, I was morbidly obese weighing 21 stone 9 pounds, a Type 2 diabetic going blind with blood pressure through the roof.  I was on a fast track to an early grave.

But then I discovered the joys of eating a low carb high fat diet and walking and the weight just fell off.

Within just six months I had lost four and a half stone (63 pounds), reversed my diabetes and took back control of my life.

The most amazing thing is that I did this on a diet where I never felt hungry, never denied myself and enjoyed eating fry ups, steak and drinking red wine!

How the bloody hell does that work you may ask?  Well its simple: we have been lied to for over forty years by Governments, Health advisors, Big Pharma and Big Food.

This is why I decided to set up Simple as Fat. I believe there are millions of people just like me, who have been let down and indeed let themselves down and who are effectively just waiting to die.

But it does not have to be like this. We all need to stop neglecting ourselves and take back control of our lives. This site will help you do exactly that.

We will start right here, right now with this simple truth: Animal fat is not the enemy, sugar is.

Those low-fat substitutes you force yourself to eat on a diet, well they are full of sugar too.

So, ditch the marge, the fat free yoghurt and those low calorie, low fat, ready meals and come on a journey with me eating natural food packed with healthy fats.

This is the Simple as Fat Lifestyle and I am living proof it works.  Join me and let’s lose weight and regain control of our lives together.

No Time for Breakfast?

No Time for Breakfast?

I have to say that skipping breakfast could be a major reason for your weight gain. (and mine!)