Basically, don’t do it!

However, let me promise you that after a couple of weeks of eating a Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet you won’t feel hungry between meals as the fat content of the meals you are eating will fill you up. So, snacking will diminish.

However, before you start to feel the benefit of the fat you may still be in the habit of snacking. So, my tip is to be prepared.

If you do need to eat something make sure it will not interrupt the process your body is going through in its transition to running on fats rather than carbs. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

The first one is the simplest one, buy packets of Pork Scratchings in bulk and always use these as your preferred snack. They are obviously full of fat, have zero carbs and plenty of salt on them. Believe it or not they will help you reach your full fat burning potential. That’s right they will help you lose weight!

Tuna and mayonnaise.

Buy Tuna in olive oil and just fork the fish and the oil into a bowl, add a good dollop of mayo, salt and pepper, perhaps some chopped cucumber and red onion and eat.

Boil an egg, smash it up with some mayonnaise in a cup, add salt and white pepper and you are transported you straight back to your childhood!

Keep a block of your favourite cheese in the fridge and have a good slice on its own or with a gherkin.

Wrap a gherkin in a slice of pastrami and Emmental cheese. Have two!

Have a handful of brazil nuts or pecans. Avoid peanuts though.

If you are out and about buy 200g of cooked prepared meats from the deli counter of any supermarket.  Chicken tikka, satay chicken, sliced rare beef or ham are all good options.  Eat it all! Do NOT buy a sandwich, remember how many teaspoons of sugar are in just one slice of bread!

Eat full fat Greek yogurt with a small hand full of raspberries or a smaller handful of blue berries. Grate in some lemon zest for extra zing!

Look at more Simple as Fat recipes here:

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