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From XL to Medium in all my clothes!

Bert started losing weight just listening to the advice on the free SimpleAsFat podcast, but since he became a full member the pounds have just fallen off.

I dropped more than 2.5 stones in 3 months and kept it off for the last 6 months and counting. I didn’t eat much but could never seem to shift the pounds. I was having beer, pasta, rice & bread. Now I live the SAF way and have gone from XL to M in all my clothes. Thanks Jon and all the SAF team for your advice and encouragement. This is a way of life now.”

Bert R

UK, Member Since August 2018 - photo Chris J Morley

Lost 35lbs and Blood Pressure is perfect! 

I just can’t stop waxing lyrical about this plan… My doctor is amazed and says my blood pressure is perfect. I have so much energy that I feel 21 again. I no longer need an afternoon nap and the other day I went for my first run in 4 years since my hip replacement. Thank you SAF and all the people that post videos, pictures and recipes in the members only group on Facebook.

Mark B

Hertfordshire, UK, Member Since July 2018

100% Certain about Low Carb High Fat

“So proud of the 4 stones I’ve lost since May. All of this thanks to going #LCHF with @Simpleasfat and lots of help off Jon Gaunt. I Didn’t think I could ever change my life around but I have.”

James M

Durham UK, Member Since June 2018

I really don’t feel hungry…

Gary lost 20lbs in the first 7 weeks of the plan, and just keeps going!

In week 7 and am down to 19 stone 2 pounds that’s 20 pounds off and I ain’t stopping anytime soon. Onwards and downwards! Great group here, great plan. Changed my life for the better. More power to the elbow of the Gaunt family they have played a blinder here as they say up north!

Gary H

UK, Member Since September 2018

I’ve never felt better

Like lots of people who cut the carbs, Fraser Simply Feels great.

I’ve never felt better” says Fraser who started losing weight just by listening to the free SimpleAsFat podcast back in April. Since he signed up as a full time member in July the pounds have just been dropping off…

Fraser R

Scotland, UK, Member Since April 2018

My Doc and nurse are both on board!

Neal has struggled with weight and diet, but there’s no stopping him now…

“Just went to my GP. I wanted to bring up the diet and was a bit nervous as he’s been my family doc for 10 years and if he disagreed I’d have been worried… HE LOVED IT!  Said I looked good. Told me he agrees with LCHF! Told me he’s telling his type 2 patients to eat healthy fat and he is going to look at our website! I’m so happy !!

Neal C

UK, Member Since September 2018

Turned my life around before my 40th.

Ben lost 4.9 stone and halved his medication.

“ I started SAF a 22 stone diabetic with high blood pressure, on 6 tablets a day, 1 injection a week and had been using a CPAP machine for sleep apnea for 6 years. Now I weigh 17.5 stone, am on just 3 tablets a day, no injections and don’t need the CPAP machine! Thanks SAF

Ben H

UK, Member Since August 2018

Beat the Diet Treadmill…


Lee lost 28lbs – that’s 2 Stone – in a couple of months…

“I’ve lost more weight doing this than I did busting my guts at the gym for the same amount of time.” 

Lee C

UK, Member Since June 2018

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