Look what are people saying about Simple as Fat…

Beat the Diet Treadmill…

Lee lost 28lbs – that’s 2 Stone – in a couple of months…

“I’ve lost more weight doing this than I did busting my guts at the gym for the same amount of time.” 

Lee C

UK, Member Since June 2018

100% Certain about Low Carb High Fat

“So proud of the 4 stones I’ve lost since May. All of this thanks to going #LCHF with @Simpleasfat and lots of help off Jon Gaunt. I Didn’t think I could ever change my life around but I have.”

James M

Durham UK, Member Since June 2018

Lost 35lbs and Blood Pressure is perfect!

I just can’t stop waxing lyrical about this plan… My doctor is amazed and says my blood pressure is perfect. I have so much energy that I feel 21 again. I no longer need an afternoon nap and the other day I went for my first run in 4 years since my hip replacement. Thank you SAF and all the people that post videos, pictures and recipes in the members only group on Facebook.

Mark B

Hertfordshire, UK, Member Since July 2018


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