Sugar is the New Tobacco.

Have a read of SAF founder, Jon Gaunt’s, latest Sputnik column where he discusses these new anti-obesity posters that Cancer Research UK have launched.

Jon starts in his typical straight forward way saying:

“Cancer Research UK is bang on the money to launch shock tactic posters to tell people that obesity is a major cause of cancer and overweight people who are saying it is fat shaming need to shut their lardy cake holes.”

Jon doesn’t hold back, he states clearly that the real people who need “Fat Shaming are the politicians who refuse to change the dietary guidelines and Big Food who are killing us with their sugar laden ultra processed food.

This is a cracker of a read and we are sure you will enjoy it.

No Time for Breakfast?

No Time for Breakfast?

I have to say that skipping breakfast could be a major reason for your weight gain. (and mine!)