Sweets Banned from Supermarket Checkouts

This debate just will not go away.

An article in the Daily Mail today talks about the UK obesity crisis and the link to sugary snacks. The article quotes the following statistic about childhood obesity, stating that:

“…more than 22,500 ten and 11-year-olds are now classed as being severely obese.”

Over the years I have definitely switched sides in the argument, so yes, I am standing by for you to say that I have become part of the Nanny State!

I talk about the way sugar and sugary products seem to be everywhere in the 90-Day Plan motivational podcast on Day 15.

Like me you are probably seeing sugar, sweets and chocolate everywhere. Let’s be honest. When you go into the garage to pay for the petrol, it’s hard to stop yourself buying a packet of wine gums or a chocolate bar, isn’t it?

So, if it is difficult for us as adults, it must be impossible for kids. By the age they have been weaned, many are addicted to the white stuff. This clearly explains the dying fly act we have all experienced at the till as our toddler kicks off because you have dared to say no to the sweetie request.

I have heard, and indeed made, all the arguments about free will and personal responsibility but the plain truth is that sugar is as addictive as crack cocaine and that is why I now also believe the Government must intervene.

Sugar taxes and restrictions on their own won’t solve childhood obesity, but they are one of the weapons to defeat this terrible disease which is at the base of most major diseases.

Cartoon characters and free gifts should not be allowed to promote these products and these companies and products should not be allowed to sponsor sports and especially our national sports teams.

Read Gary Taube’s brilliant book, The Case Against Sugar (buy it on Amazon here…) to learn more about sugar and the dangers it poses. It’s a really good read.

I would love to hear your views on this in our Facebook group. Come on over, if you’re not there already.

Read the original story in the Daily Mail here…

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