Tim Noakes says Big Food, Big Pharma and Wrong Dietary advice is killing us.

Jon Gaunt is gobsmacked and almost lost for words as he interviews the Godfather of the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) movement, Professor Tim Noakes, about how he completely changed his diet and his life.

Tim went from thinking that a high carbohydrate diet was absolutely necessary for sports performance. But after 33 years of marathon running and then developing Type 2 diabetes he suddenly realised that he had got it all wrong.

He has now been Low Carb High Fat for seven years and he says he has lost buckets of weight, kicked his Type 2 into remission and has never felt better.

Tim believes that Type 2 diabetes is a disease of choice or behaviour and not a chronic disease.

He says we have been duped by the vegetable oil industry and the Grain lobby and that there is collusion between them, the sugar industry, Governments and education to continue to give the wrong dietary advice even when they know that the dietary advice we have followed from the Seventies is based on no real evidence.

He busts the myth surrounding the demonization of good animal fats and cholesterol and states that Insulin Resistance is the problem.

He believes that all chronic diseases are linked back to this and sugar, including Type 2 Diabetes, Strokes, Heart Attacks, Cancers, High Blood pressure and even Dementia.

Insulin Resistance and a high Carb diet is the root cause and we need to change the dietary advice around the globe to tackle Obesity.

He believes that diet is more important than medication and he states that the sugar and food scandal will be bigger than the Tobacco scandal.

In effect the food industry know that they are selling products that harm us.

He also states that Hunger drives fatness.

That is why he believes in the Low Carb High Fat diet as it fundamentally changes your relationship with food and that by following real food, low carb plans like ours you will no longer be controlled by food.

Animal fat does NOT make you fat.

However, he believes that Big Food and Big Pharma do not want you to know the facts as they are profit driven and have much too much influence over Politicians around the globe.

You must listen to this podcast it is quite literally life changing.