Top 10 tips to lose weight – and keep it off

Losing weight does not have to be complicated. You don’t need to count calories, you don’t need to drink an ultra-processed shake and you certainly don’t need to starve yourself. These are all temporary solutions, which often leads to piling back on the weight as soon as you stop the diet.

I should know as I have tried every diet in the book – and have the diet books to prove it. 

Losing weight can actually be simple and sustainable. So ditch the diet books and follow our top 10 tips to lose weight and keep it off:

  1. Don’t go on a diet! Diets do not work! The diet industry is worth $168.95 Billion (yes Billion) and the industry is only interested in making pounds not in you losing pounds. Instead of starting a diet you should embark on a lifestyle change. You need to teach yourself a new way of eating, a way that you will always eat from now on.
  2. Be realistic. If like me you were nearly 22 stone, a type 2 diabetic with blood pressure through the roof and with the activity level of a slug you are NEVER going to have a six pack like Joe Wicks so set realistic targets and goals. My target was just to be able to shop at a normal shop like Marks and Spencer or Debenhams rather than Jacamo. I wanted my waist size to drop from 54 inches to at least 40 and I succeeded. Then I set the next target of getting into 36 inch trousers. I am still working on this.
  3. Do not count calories. This is such a flawed way of trying to lose timber and the whole fallacy of calories in versus energy out is so discredited. It is truly amazing people are still able to push calorie restricted diets. The simple facts are, as Professor Tim Noakes says, you cannot out run a bad diet. Plus, I would add that all calories are not made equal.
  4. Do not join a slimming club and believe that by turning up at a village hall every Thursday the weight will drop off. Recognise that slimming clubs are owned by the same Big Food companies that helped to get you fat in the first place. For example, Heinz used to own Weight Watchers and still make all their ready meals for them.
  5. Don’t buy an exercise bike or home gym. They will just end up being a clothes horse in your bedroom. By the same token do not go and buy an expensive gym membership – you will end up paying and never going. You do not lose weight in the gym, you lose it in the kitchen. All you need to do is some gentle walking, increasing your steps each day. In essence, get off your fat ass and walk.
  6. Ignore Government dietary advice and the so called Eatwell plate that advises you to still eat starchy carbs and grains.
  7. Realise the fact that you can eat great food and plenty of it and still lose weight and lose weight rapidly if you know what foods to eat.
  8. Get the support and encouragement of your friends and family. Even if it’s a bit embarrassing, it’s been proven that that people who share their intention to change with those around them, are more likely to stick to a resolution.
  9. Be selfish and bloody minded about your lifestyle change. You will not be successful if you fall into the trap of always wanting a treat or the mindset of “a little bit of what you fancy won’t hurt”. Instead of fantasising or obsessing over being able to eat a cake or have a pint once you’ve lost the weight you should obsess about what you will look and feel like. My motivation wasn’t to go back to eating chips with my steak or having a ten-pint session, my ambition was just to live longer and be able to take my shirt off on the beach without being embarrassed.
  10. This is the big one. You have to realise that everything you have been told about losing weight is a lie or a marketing con. Meat, fish and animal fats have been demonised by Big Food and the sugar industry since the late sixties and it is no coincidence that our obesity epidemic can be tracked from there. I have lost – and I am continuing to lose – my weight by eating Low Carbs and High (Healthy) fat (LCHF). This is the type of plan we suggest at Simple as Fat – join us and let’s crack this together.
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