What kind of Alcohol can I drink?

During the first 4 weeks we recommend that you cut out alcohol AND drink lots of water.

You’ll be surprised by just how good it makes you feel.

However we are realists.

We know that it is a big ask to commit to never drinking alcohol again.

So we say (once you are fat adapted) chose to drink Low Carb drinks.

Here are some suggestions:

A Glass of red wine.

Our favourite way to enjoy spirits without all the usual sugar is to fill a glass with ice, add slices of lemon and lime running the cut edge of the lime round the rim of the glass for more flavour, pour in the Vodka or Gin and top up with sparkling water or soda water. Fresh!

Try the same with Whisky and soda water but switch the lemon and lime with a slice of fresh ginger.

Or if you are felling flush enjoy a glass of champagne

The good news is:

The lifestyle change you make when starting a LCHF way of living helps you cut down on your drinking.

You feel less sluggish.
Less depressed.
Less likely to compensate for a rubbish day by ‘needing a drink’ by the time you get home.

Eating LCHF lets you get off the carb-rollercoaster of ‘needing’ a beer at the end of the day to give you that immediate sugar spike, which you top up throughout the evening with more beer and a few more carbs in the shape of crisps or crackers to soak it up and then waking up ‘starving’ with your stomach growling, feeling slightly nauseous, needing 3 slices to toast just to straighten you out. Putting you straight back on the rollercoaster. Sound familiar?

This whole process is caused by carbohydrates

Once you stop eating carbs,and drinking Beer (Liquid Bread) you will be making the decisions. Not your fluctuating blood sugar.

And as you start to feel better, as you start to loose the weight, as you feel brighter in the morning, more positive about your day, more aware of how your body reacts to alcohol you will choose to drink less.

It just happens.

And you realise, you are not denying yourself anything. You are looking after yourself. Treating yourself well, the way you truly deserve.

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