Where Does All the Fat Go?

by | Jun 9, 2018

When obese people lose all that huge amount of weight, where does all the fat go?

It’s a good question isn’t it…

And it’s one that the Daily Mail and a team from the University of New South Wales discuss in a recent article.

I must admit that I thought the fat was excreted. According to this study, that isn’t the answer. And to make you feel better, according to the article, 98% of doctors don’t know the answer either.

The biggest shock to me was that the correct answer is a load of hot air – because surprisingly, when you lose weight, the fat is lost by the body converting it to Carbon dioxide, which you breathe out, and plain old water which we lose in either sweat or urine!

You really can learn something new every day…

As a bonus there is a piece down the side of the column by Dr Michael Mosley answering the question; “what time of the day is it best to eat carbs?”

My answer would be slightly different and blunter than Doctor Mosley’s.

It is quite simple in my opinion: there is no right time to eat pasta, potatoes, rice and especially bread!

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