Why do we have an Obesity Epidemic?

“Eat fat to lose weight and reverse Type 2 Diabetes.” So, states leading Cardiologist and author of the Pioppi Diet. Aseem Malhotra, who is Jon Gaunt’s guest on this Shooting from the Lip Podcast.

Top British Cardiologist Dr Aseem MalhotraAseem is convinced that “Sugar is the new tobacco and Mainstream media is waking up to this at last.”

He believes that the present dietary advice is plain wrong and that is it based on flawed science. He is clear that “Saturated fat does not clog the arteries.” And that “High fat diets are more effective than low fat diets in terms of losing weight.”

He also believes that “This whole fat myth needs to be completely abolished it’s a distraction and it supports an industry that takes out saturated fats and replaces it with starch and sugar. It is a nonsense.”

Aseem claims that “50 percent of people with diabetes and obesity are able to reverse it or send it into remission by cutting out sugar starchy carbs and ultra-processed food. So that is potatoes, rice, pasta, bread and starchy carbs and processed food.”

The problem according to Dr Malhotra is that “For far too long we have let the food industry get away with deceiving the public, a lot of these products are marketed as being healthy when they are not. This is not acceptable.”

However, he also shoots from the lip on the subject of Big Pharma declaring, “Statins are the most lucrative and prescribed drug in the history of medicine, the total revenue is estimated to reach one TRILLION US Dollars next year. There is a lot of money involved in this flawed hypothesis. This is completely wrong and has to change.”

He believes that companies like Coca Cola and McDonalds should not be allowed to sponsor sport and that we need tobacco style shock photos on unhealthy food products.

Aseem passionately declares that, “We now need to focus on ultra-processed food and we need to educate the public that they cannot trust the current dietary guidelines and regulations.”

This interview goes much further than just the usual clichés that surround the sugar tax debate and is vital listening. Don’t miss it.

Now Boris Beat Obesity!

Now Boris Beat Obesity!

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