The Wonder of Eggs

So what are you going to eat?

For breakfast, most days I have a fry up, which consists of eggs, bacon, black pudding, a sausage (as long as I know it’s all meat and no added cereal) fried mushrooms and tomato. I don’t have toast, beans, hash browns, or breakfast fries if I’m eating Stateside!

If I’m not rushing out I’ll have an omelette, two eggs with red onion, tomato and cheese.

If I haven’t got time for that I’ll scramble two eggs and have two rashers of bacon and maybe eat an avocado straight from the skin while I’m waiting for my bacon to cook.

If I’m really in a hurry I’ll just put a big dollop of full fat Greek yogurt in a tub, add raspberries (fresh or frozen) a hand full of pumpkin and sunflower seeds and take it with me.

If you think you’ll get bored with a fry up every morning we have loads of ideas for breakfast. However, you can’t go far wrong with eggs and bacon to start the day.

Because I’ve started the day with proteins and natural fats, chances are I won’t be desperate for lunch but if I am hungry I’ll have a salad.

When I’m at home I make myself a huge one, with all my favourites in it, like beetroots, olives, sundried tomatoes, peppers, red onion, raw cauliflower, blue cheese, crunchy streaky bacon, ham or pastrami or even yesterday’s leftover roast chicken. This isn’t a limp lettuce leaf and half a tomato, ‘punishment’ type of salad. This is the full on, tasty, eat till you are full type of salad.

Dress your salad generously with oil and balsamic vinegar and lots of salt and pepper. Or just go with mayonnaise or make one of our creamy dressings. Avoid croutons, pasta salad, rice salad and potato salad. You don’t need the carbs.

If you are working and need to buy your lunch on the go don’t grab a sandwich, buy a salad and a pack of ham, or beef. Eat the whole pack of meat. Don’t go hungry.

Dinner is easy. There are hundreds of ways to eat meat, fish and vegetables but steak cooked in butter with mushrooms and really hot mustard can’t be bettered in my opinion.

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