Yoghurt and Raspberries

If you are pushed for time, have some full fat Greek yogurt, with raspberries and strawberries.

If you are eating this for breakfast we recommend a large handful of raspberries (approx. 150g) and 3 tablespoons of greek yoghurt. This contains 11g fat, 8.6g protein and 11.3g carbs.

However, if this is just a small snack or a treat after dinner, you should only have around 6 berries and 2 tablespoon of greek yoghurt so that you do not exceed your carb intake for the day.

Blueberries taste great too but they do have a high carbohydrate content.

Jon notices the difference in his blood sugar readings if he has them and prefers to stick with just raspberries.

He will sometimes add pumpkin and sunflower seeds, which add fibre, vitamins and minerals but will not spike the blood sugar like oats will.

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